Auditions / Play Productions


Imagine That! Productions is proud to be one of only a handful of community theatre & training studios in western Canada which offer professional level instruction for live on-stage experience. Audition results include far more than excellence in the delivery of a monologue.  We expect actors to make The Play Production a priority. If this is an area you wish to explore, please read the following carefully.

ANNOUNCING our Spring 2017 Theatre Production:

Two One Act Radio Theatre Plays:  

T H E  T I M E  M A C H I N E  and  L I T T L E   W O M E N

  • Auditioning is complete and we are in rehearsal!

Tickets go on sale April 17, 2017 

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      • FOCUSED, Disciplined Attitude and Behaviour
      • TEACHABLE, DIRECTABLE:  ie – you are willing to learn and take direction
      • PROMPT (on time) and Regular Attendance
      • Being a Team Player, no matter what your role – respectful of ALL those involved.  Imagine That! Productions are Ensemble projects.
      • Coming to rehearsals PREPARED and ready to WORK. Play Production Actors spend time preparing, memorizing, learning and rehearsing over a 14 – 22 week period. Actors should expect to spend at least 20 minutes daily – reading through the script, memorizing lines, working on character, preparing for rehearsal class.
      • Involvement by ALL ACTORS (and  PARENTS of minor ages Players) is Expected and Required! Above and beyond providing make-up and costume(s) as requested by the Director (these may range from $50 +), help is often needed with Transporting material, possible Set/Stage building, painting and decorating; Promotion and Ticket Sales for the final shows;
      • CLEAN-UP, Organizing,  Cast Party Management & help; Preparation for shows and our major Post Show Set Strike and Cleanup.
      • COMMITMENT to the Production Process and Theatre Code of Ethics.

REGISTER TO AUDITION: (once you’ve read and comply with the above)  reply to the email sent you  (or  E-mail Us here with your request to audition


VOLUNTEERS NEEDEDAssistance leading up to and during the production run: Front of House (ushering, concession); Preparation between shows and our Post Show CLEANUP and Set Strike.  Please   E-mail Us here  to be added to our Volunteer Roster.



We are tentatively planning a Radio Theatre MUSICAL for this November / December 2017

Please send us an   E-mail Us here   for more detailed Audition Information