Wizard of Oz (2016)


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CAST (in order of appearance):
Dorothy: Abigail Davyduck
Melinda (Good Witch Of The North): Julie-Ann Kliewer
General Jinjur: Jessa Martens
Margolotte : Julia Dinesen
Zoq: Ella Debulnes
Sir Scarecrow: Zavier Tanner
The Tin Woodman: Arianne Thompson
The Cowardly Lion: Devon Vecchio
Poppies: Sarah, Jaira, Alaina, Emily, Julia, Ella
Omby Amby (Guard At The Wizard’s Gate): Matthew Armstrong
Jade  (The Wizard’s Maid): Aimee White
Belinda (Wicked  Witch Of The West): Miranda Croft
Inky  (Belinda’s Cat): Sarah Armstrong
Blinky  (Belinda’s Cat): Jaira Brownlee
Slinky (Belinda’s Cat): Alaina Jungling
Amber  (Belinda’s Maid): Jessa Martens
Topaz (Belinda’s Maid): Emily Armstrong
Winkle (Belinda’s Slave): Julie-Ann Kliewer
Wonkle (Belinda’s Slave): Ella Debulnes
Glinda (Good Witch Of The South): Sarah Armstrong
Ruby (Glinda’s Herald): Julia Dinesen
The Wizard Of Oz: Anthony Labrecque