Here’s what people are saying about Imagine That! Productions :

“The Wizard of Oz”    March 2016

“The Set is W O W!
The Costumes are Crazy Awesome!
These Actors are Impressive!
We could not believe the exceptionally excellent caliber of this show.”  J Johnson and family

“The Wizard of Oz – Steampunk was awesome! My kids and I really enjoyed the afternoon performance.”  Patricia Mosselli

“I just saw the Feb 28th Sunday afternoon show, I am so impressed. Such a great, talented group of people. I strongly suggest, that if you have the time, see this play, if you don’t, then make the time… it’s well worth it.”  Kevin Moore

“Come check out this amazing show!! You never know who you will run into on the yellow brick road…”  Natalie, Tony and girls

“We were Totally Impressed ” J Honeybourn

“I went to the dress rehearsal last night (“The Wizard of Oz – a Steampunk Adventure”)  – and what an incredible bunch of young performers!  I would suggest if you are looking for a fun night out go see this show – nothing but professionalism and an absolutely amazing show!”   Darin Attrill

“The Mousetrap”   Nov  2015

“The Mousetrap”  was so good – I brought my friend and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. I think it should be an annual event in Langley!”  Vanessa Heard

“Great show tonight! A full house……such a great way to start off production week. Fabulous performances tonight from the entire cast……Well done!”  Vicky Kobilke

“Great show, so fun! Nice to see some very strong male actors (they are hard to come by!)  Great job everyone!!  Joanna Unger

“The Mousetrap” was wonderful – great fun! Thank you again, for the inspired gift!”   Christina Drummond

“Faith and cast, you have done it once  again! Amazing show!!!”  Debbie White

“Really enjoyed the play tonight- great performances- good job everyone!” Donelda Seymour

“Great performance!  Very well done!”  Ken and Connie Budzak

“Great character development in this riveting presentation of  The Mousetrap! A great script and a solid cast.”  Bill Ashbee

“The Magical Lamp of Aladdin”   March 2015

“I came to see the matinee performance of  ‘The Magical Lamp of Aladdin’, this afternoon and I must say that this show is possibly the most visually stunning community theater production I have ever seen, and certainly one of Imagine That! Productions best! From the elaborately detailed and authentic-looking costumes, to the beautifully designed set, this show is a dazzling sight to behold and is definitely a “MUST-SEE!” Complimenting the beautiful set and costumes were fabulous performances from the whole cast! Some great evil moments balanced with comedic antics made this play a great success, BRAVO cast, crew and directors!”  Paul Kobilke  March 5, 2015

“We loved every minute of The Magical Lamp of Aladdin – from start to finish. I laughed a lot and anticipated the situations the characters got into as much as our grandkids did!”  Ted Staunton

“Aladdin is the Sparkliest Show ever”   Natassja T (11yrs)

“I forgot that the players were just young people – it was so well done. And the costumes, set and staging was brilliant.”  Nancy C  on “The Magical Lamp of Aladdin”

“The Magical Lamp of Aladdin” was VERY Impressive on all levels. Definitely worth the trip out from Richmond with our kids.” Jennifer D

“I spoke with a lady during intermission who had a background in theatre, dance and costume design and she said she was absolutely FLOORED by the costumes. She said it looked as if they had been put together by full time professional costume designers! Kudos to you all!”   Lynn Brownlee

“The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes”   November 2014

“Great fun! Really enjoyed this unique take on hysterical, historical personalities.  Thank you.”  Rudy Storteboom

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the show  … wasn’t at all what I was expecting – I think THE BEST SO FAR! Huge CONGRATS to you and the crew – who did brilliantly… just a ton of fun and laughs. Thanks !”   Shawn R

“SO MUCH FUN … thanks for bringing EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY, GREAT VALUE and WONDERFUL ENTERTAINMENT to the Lower Mainland Community Theatre Stage!”  Glen B

“We LOVE Imagine That Shows – and this one just may have toped them all. Sherlock Holmes and Company kept us in stitches for 2 hours. Thank You.”  The Thompson family

“What a spin on the Sherlock Holmes story … I thought I knew what was coming … HA! Congrats and enjoy the rest of your run!”  Beth & Ron


“The Hobbit”    March  2014

“The Hobbit” was truly transporting … how you created Middle Earth on a stage was remarkable – time stood still for two wonderful hours on this Sunday afternoon”  Cal, Brenda and family

“THIS is why I love live theatre … very well done.” Diane R.

“I’m telling everyone I know about this show – it’s the best.” Olivia D

“We have seasons tickets to The Arts Club and your shows are just as good as any they do. We are always so impressed with your productions and this one, The Hobbit, was especially excellent, we’re not sure how you’re going to top this one!”  Terry & Nancy A.

“A wonderful surprise was the excellence of the music! The solos by Old Took (Tamara Croft), Bilbo Baggins (Zavier Tanner) and the group songs by the company were very good. And the choice for background music was perfectly suited – as good as any film version!” Mel C.

“Hi Faith, I just wanted to pass along how much our class enjoyed “The Hobbit” performance. Some of my students said it was better than the book and the movie! Thanks again! Looking forward to next year.” Jen S, Diamond Relevant School

“Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful play with us, it was amazing and well-done, loved the music too!!!” C. Rempel

“I was amazed by the performances – everybody was right into their part and did so well.  Congrats to all.”   Tom Olliffe

“An amazing production! Well done, one and all!”  Lynne Heaman Klassen

“Really enjoyed this when I went on Friday! 🙂 I look forward to seeing future productions from this group.”   Christine E

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“Holy Mo and Spew Boy”   Jan 2014

“Imagine That – a funny, entertaining , informative, production again! Ladies (and Paul) you were fabulous. Very challenging roles well worth an evening out.  At one point Guff (Yukari) does something that made me laugh so hard that between my asthma and tail end of a chest cold I seriously could not breathe I almost had to get out my inhaler. Thanks again!” Kimberly Arklie

“I’ve seen this show a few times and thoroughly enjoyed Imagine That’s rendering of the Biblical story told in an unusual fashion. We love this playwright and were not disappointed.” John & Heather

“So glad I made the effort to come out – we were seriously entertained!” Scott Olson

“Great show! Congratulations to all.” Kathy Young

“I was concerned that it may be inappropriate or ‘sacrilegious’(by my own standards, I admit) – but not so. I was both entertained and challenged in my thinking. Thanks for doing this play here.” Chris K

Playwright, Lucia Frangione came out to see the play!


“The Adventures of Robin Hood … with a little help from his friends!”    Mar 2013

What an incredible performance this afternoon!!! We all loved the show and the actors were fantastic!! The students were so excited to share and discuss the play when we returned back to class! The messages included in the play were also first rate. Thank you for doing such a professional job and please pass this message on to all of the actors. They were superb!!”
Sincerely,  B Hobbs   James Hill Elem.

“A fun take on a classic story and very well done by this gifted group of young people”  Terry A

“We were singing Beatles songs all the way home and laughing at the crazy twists of the story.  Robin Hood and The Sheriff really cracked us up – as did the merry band!”  Phil and Bonnie T

“Great Play!!! We absolutely loved it.”  Renee Chin

“The Magician’s Nephew”    May 2012

“I laughed, I cried – it was totally magical”   Nancy E

“If you do this play again I will invite everyone I know – it’s been 3 days and I can’t stop thinking about it.”   Terri M

“Chronicles of Narnia are my favorite books and I really loved how you brought this to the stage.”  Hannah S

“Such a beautiful set and so well performed.  Excellent job everyone involved.”  The Kennedy family


“Peter Pan and Wendy”     Mar 2012

We took a house full of students, teachers and parent chaperons on a trip to NEVERLAND at our student matinee… and the Tinkerbell must have dumped a truckload of ‘fairy dust’ on that bunch … they were giddy with excitement cheering for Peter and the Lost Boys … and boo’ing the Pirates!   Imagine That! Productions

“Excellent job!  We brought a birthday party of 12 kids and they were fully engaged throughout the whole performance!  Thank You for great local theatre.”  Deb & Amanda

“Impressed with everything – the set, the costumes, the acting, the real dog as Nana – and our boys loved the sword fighting between Peter and Captain Hook!”   Erin T

“Another great production by our favorite theatre company – we loved every moment and are planning on inviting others for next weekend’s performance.”  James & Teresa and family


“Androcles and the Lion”    May 2011

“A wonderful classic story believably told by a young talented cast.  Go see it.”  Candice W

“This was a great introduction to live theatre for my 8 and 9 year old boys – they loved it and asked if we could come back to see more plays.”  Lynda Bell


Hello Faith and Chelle; Just wanted to send a quick message, to let you both know that I have been accepted into the BA Honors Program in Wales for Theatre. I’m so excited to go, and I couldn’t have done it without you two and your support and guidance over the last 8 years… if you can believe its been that long!” Michelle Ross,  May 2011


We heard from Theatre Patrons who attended “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”  Feb & March 2011

“… an amazing amount of work went into this, a really spectacular production!!” Liza C

“The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” was OUTSTANDING!” Sue Jacobson and family

“Our family had to come twice to see both casts of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” … totally loved it.” The Brenners

“I thought the play was fabulous. Both casts were special in their own way. My friend Lisa really enjoyed it and was glad she came.” Pam D

“The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe TERRIFIC – BOTH TIMES!” Rudy Storteboom

“I was amazed at the quality of acting and directing at tonight’s Lion, Witch, Wardrobe. Congratulations to you all.” Catherine Thompson

“Recently we went into Vancouver to see a ‘professional’ performance of “Annie” (at $35.00 per ticket for 6 of us). Since then, we’ve talked about both that show and when we came to see your “Lion, Witch and Wardrobe” show and concluded that your productions was just as good – possibly better! Please keep us on your email list for future shows, thank you.” the Olsons

“WOW…that was awesome … I loved loved loved it….and you could feel the wonderful community of players and the support given each other.” Janice Doerksen

“We were amazed and enchanted by the adventures in Narnia! Awesome job to our friends, Chelle and Zavier – and all the rest of the cast! The show rocked!!” Natalie Emberly

“We loved the show!” Eileen Graham

“This was one of your BEST productions ever – such a great story – and so well done! I had moments where I was close to tears, and other times where I felt a spiritual presence in a profound way.” Donelda Seymour


We heard from ACTORS who performed in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”

“Dear Faith; I just want to thank you so much for this amazing experience!! I have had so much fun and have made so many new friends! I feel so honored to be taught by you, and all of your hard work really made this show amazing!!!!! Thank you sooo much.” Scott V.V.

“What a privilege to be part of this amazing show – and your theatre company …” Marie T

“Thank you for all the direction and advice on getting my character together!” Kristian S

“Thank you for the honor of being part of another wonderful theatre experience!” Ted S

“To the most wonderful, devoted and caring director ever … this show experience was phenomenal.” Jacqueline M

“This is the most amazing experience I’ve ever had on stage … thanks for pushing me – with love!”

“I have been blessed beyond measure.” Paul J

“I can barely express how much I’ve learned and gained from this enriching experience.” Derek U

“This journey has been fantastic.” Karen F

“Something very special was achieved through this production – thank you.” Scott M

“The mothballs be back on the floor, The wardrobe door is closed once more, But after all we’ve done and seen, And to Narnia we’ve been, We shall never be the same, …For we have touched King Aslan’s Mane. by Tamara Croft (Mrs. Beaver, Cast A)



“My friend and I brought our 5 kids to see “Winnie the Pooh” and we all loved it. Thanks for letting the kids get pictures with their favourites.” Trish V

“What a great way to introduce young children to live theatre. Thanks for making “Winnie the Pooh” available to even the youngest child – we had such a good time.” Laura T

“Please give my congratulations to all those amazing young actors who were in “Winnie the Pooh” – they did such a good job. Our family loved it.” The Stewarts

“It’s been almost a month since we came to see your “Pride and Prejudice” and my friends and I are still talking about how good it was. Every actor was perfect for their role and the costumes were very authentic. The whole experience was unforgettable. Thanks for having good live theatre here in the valley!” Christie, Lisa & Angela

“What a visually beautiful show you put together with Pride and Prejudice. Thanks for a great night out at the theatre!” Wendy M.

“Fantastic Job to Team Pride & Prejudice! I so loved this production. I laughed and cried and I even almost swore I was so mad at the miserable situation the characters were in – the acting was so believable. Well done, Well done!!” Derek Usher

Hi Gloria, I’m writing to tell you that Lisa and I watched [the movie] Pride and Prejudice last night. All the while I was thinking about your play ( which we saw last weekend). The movie was definitely wonderful and took full advantage of costuming, amazing settings, amazing music, the characters were excellent etc. All the while I was thinking how you all did such a believable job of portraying your characters and that nothing was missing. I was quite stunned – really. You all didn’t need the full orchestra, the special affects, the wondrous scenery, the setting sun on the main characters as they kissed in the final scene, etc. I actually preferred the way the actor portrayed Mr. Collins in the Imagine That! Productions play!! In your short time on stage you presented the fullness of your character – they were the perfect lines passionately and rightly presented. So, I send a BIG congratulations to all the cast and certainly to Faith for her amazing direction. Blessings to you, and the whole company in further productions.” Donna A

“I was very impressed by your company’s performance of “The Three Musketeers” … I’ve been taking fencing for almost 5 years and it is obvious that you had professional training and worked hard at making those sword-fighting scenes believable.” Tara G.

The play “The Three Musketeers” was great today. My class loved it. One of my boys leaned to me in the middle and told me it was awesome! Thanks for having good quality theatre here locally for our students – and the community. Keep us posted on next years shows Jennifer Stonehouse’ Diamond Elementary School, Surrey

“Wow – we loved the 3 Musketeers play. It kept the attention of everyone in our grade 5 and 6 classes.” Ms. G Hillside School

“We think that Imagine That! is a great community theatre – and right here in Langley! The acting, the costumes and simple sets [in The Three Musketeers] were very effective. We’ll be back.” Sandra F.

“I will never ever forget Scott walking up to me in the intermission (during “The Three Musketeers”)  and saying “Mom could you re-lace my bodice for me?”
– talk about professional and in character all the way… typical of “Imagine That! kids” Kimberly Arklie (played on-stage mom to actor Scott’s D’artagnan)

Updated: September 2009

  “Thanks for the opportunity to be involved with Imagine That! Productions over the past 5 years. Since you’ve moved into Langley, I have been promoting Imagine That to more people over the past six months than ever before. I am excited about how favour is being shown toward this production company. You are one of my heroes. Thank you for your continued vision, tenacity, and patient endurance.” Bill Ashbee

“Thank you so much for all you did to pour into our daughter this past season. She loved every class!! I saw her confidence soar! We hope to register again next year.” K Zelman

“It has been our pleasure and an honor to be part of Imagine That Productions. We’ve enjoyed all the areas we were able to help you with … and of course watching P & R on stage in “Anne” … we are ON for next season for sure!” The Kobilke’s

“hi Faith and Chellé. Thanks again for everything and in every way you’ve helped us out in this our first season with Imagine That! Productions. Jared absolutely loved being on stage in “The Hobbit”, helping set up, take down and working on the sound board for “Anne of Green Gables” and the Seuss show. I do love it all and want to learn every area and help in anyway I can. My favorite thing in all of this is watching the changes in everyone and the play progressing and the actors becoming real. Bless you, Dianne”

“Thanks Faith. You are doing a great job. Alysha is really enjoying herself and learning alot. This experience is great for her and she looks forward to many more productions with Imagine That!” Sherry B

About Summer Day Camps

“I’ve done 3 play productions with Imagine That! and I still come back every year to do summer day camps. Teen drama camp has been a blast and I had the best time!” thanks Aisley : )

“Hi Faith; I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful week of fun and drama for Rachel. She really did enjoy it. Thanks again and hope to see you in the Fall.” E. Philip

“Hi Faith! It was so much fun helping you out as a volunteer with Drama Camp the first two weeks in July! Thanks for giving me the opportunity! And Teen Camp was THE BEST – I keep learning more every time I take a class, camp or in a play! See Ya, ” Paul

“I had a great time at Teen Drama Camp and learned a lot more drama techniques. I also had lots of fun getting to know everyone! I had a blast!” Victoria DeV.

We heard from Theatre Patrons who attended “Anne of Green Gables”

“When I was a younger woman, we used to go to live theatre all the time. But in recent years I’ve been living in a Seniors Complex not too far from The Venue without a car and haven’t been to the theatre in many long years because there wasn’t anything local that I was interested in – or the quality just wasn’t up to what I like to see. “Anne of Green Gables” is the first play I’ve been to in a long time and I loved it. Everyone was so good – the lady who played Marilla was outstanding, as was Matthew and of course Anne and Diana were delightful. Please bring posters to our center for your upcoming plays and we’ll be there.” Julia B

“Anne of Green Gables” was incredible … possibly the most professional ‘community theatre’ show we’ve seen. The casting, quality of performance, costumes, set and staging, the overall production – made us feel like we were in “the big city” Bev Jamieson (and family)

“So nice to see such high quality theatrical performance here in the Fraser Valley” D. Klepman

“Art and I thoroughly enjoyed your “Anne of Green Gables” performance last night … have a great rest of your run.” Ken Curry

“It’s been almost a week since we came to see “Anne of Green Gables” and our family is still talking about it. The story was so true to the book and you took us back to that innocent long-ago time period so brilliantly. Please put us on your email list so we don’t miss any of your productions.” J. Williams

“We absolutely LOVED Anne of Green Gables – congrat’s to all on stage & behind the scenes – extremely well done!!!” Tamara Knechtle

“The opening night of ‘Anne of Green Gables’ was an exquisite pleasure! I was transported with your cast to another time and place. Thanks to all involved for a sensory treat … our whole group loved it.” Joy Godwin, Traditional Learning Academy

“Dear Faith; What an incredible experience for our students to attend “Anne”! They were amazed at the age of the some of the actors, and how well they played their parts. Many of them had not read the book, which shocked myself and Donna. Though the book is full of details and clarity on all situations that arise, the play was true to the content and brought it to life in a truly engaging manner (if you can get this group [our students] to sit and listen for that long . . . well, I’ll just leave it at that)! They all went home knowing who Anne was, what happened to her and why it is such an important read for all Canadian children. I need to make a note to mention to them tomorrow that Anne is a fictitious character, though her story of being an orphan was a real one for many young Canadian children at that time in history. Our plan is to talk about the play tomorrow. I am sure many interesting topics will arise. The sets really took you back in time. Thank you for this opportunity. I would love to be kept up to date on what your group is doing next.” Sandy Nazarchuk

From Actors performing in “Anne of Green Gables”

“Faith, I would like to tell you just what an awesome director you are. You are so encouraging and it has really pushed me to reach higher in performing. I can really see how everyone is growing as actors. All your excitement and enthusiasm rubs off on everyone else and makes everyone want to do better. Thank you so much for this great opportunity and this wonderful experience. We are having such an awesome show! I can’t believe it’s almost over…it seems like we just started. I’m looking forward to being in many more programs with Imagine That! Productions too!!! See you later” … Jacqueline M

“Faith, Thank you for the encouragement and great advice and Chellé training about the actors warm-up. I have learned over these years how very important it is to warm up…it makes a huge difference. I know that part of the reason Chelle is able to do such an amazing job onstage is because of her thorough warm-up. Thank you for teaching me all that you have over these years! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you! THANKS, director! Jewell p.s. I am SO glad I came back to Imagine That!! and guess what? I have the “Imagine That!” line in Anne of Green Gables. I love it!” We heard from Theatre Patrons who attended “The Hobbit” “BRAVO! We loved your portrayal of The Hobbit. Hope you do more of these great stories on stage here in Langley.” Lenora G.

“You did a fine job undertaking such a classic story. Our kids totally enjoyed all the actors whom they recognized as we’ve just finished reading the book together as a family. Keep us posted for your other shows.” Jim & Heather R.

“Your enthusiastic cast gave me a flyer when I was coming out of Chapters last week and I came to see The Hobbit that evening. It was good and I’ve told other people about your theatre company.” Mrs. Taylor

Re: The Hobbit Hey, Ted: Allow me to offer a belated congrats on your stellar performance as the Grey Pilgrim. The whole production was a lot of fun — and I especially enjoyed the portrayals of Gollum and Smaug. The special effects weren’t half bad either. David Dawes, Journalist From Actors performing in “The Hobbit” “Thank you, Faith for being such an encouraging director. I leaned so much being in The Hobbit and hope to do more plays with Imagine That! Productions.” Jared E.

“Every show I do with you keeps getting better. Thanks for the good roles in this play.” Jess “Faith, you are so patient with all us actors – even if we haven’t been in very many shows. Thank you for the good experience and I hope to be back to do more theatre.” Ronnie

“You are such a great coach, director and encourager. I have taken so many classes and been in quite a few shows, and this year was the best yet. Thanks for always giving me opportunities to improve.” Gloria B


Updated: January 2008

“Zac and I have fully enjoyed the classes you offer. I have done a lot of coaching over the years in sports, law and business, and believe that both you [Faith] and Chellé do an awesome job as instructors.” John Swan

“Hi there, First of all, many thanks again for an informative session at the Film and TV Orientation last evening. My daughter [who had completed one session of the dRAmaTiX acting class] and I attended the orientation and both of us found the session very helpful and we learned a lot. I also wanted to say thank you to both of you – Faith and Chellé – I appreciate the fact that you have the best interest of the children or youth at heart. I agree with your methods of support, humor and praise. I also appreciate your honesty. I think you are most definitely on to something – good for you! Like many teenagers today, my daughter is a young 15 year old that needs encouragement. She is very capable of all kinds of things, but sometimes lacks the self worth and esteem to see that at this point in her young life. She is very concerned about what “others” think. I support the fact that she wants to act and be on stage. This is where she “plugs-in” and I want to encourage her and support her dreams. Regardless of whether or not she becomes an actor, I want her to become confident in herself and realize her self worth….after that I think she will be un-stoppable in whatever she chooses to do, whether it is on-camera or stage or wherever else. Again, I applaud your efforts … many thanks,” D. Kitt.

“Faith, Thanks for being such an awesome and encouraging director!!! I’ve had so much fun this past year with both Charlotte’s Web and Nate the Great! I can’t wait until next year!!! Thank you again for being a patient director!” Holly G.

“Hey Faith … I can’t believe we are already done with the play [Robin Hood] … it feels like we just started!!! I remember the first time we read the script and Ted was laughing hysterically at the bake off line …… anyways thank you so much for the awesome opportunity to be the TOWNS guy and its definitely been great!!!!!! You and Chellé are awesome and I can’t wait to do it again ….” Michelle Ross

“Thanks again for all your patience and hard work on “The Fabulous Fable Factory” … our girls had fun. Also … Robin Hood was fantastic. Our whole family loved every minute!” Janice Paul

“I LOVED Robin Hood … I laughed pretty hard! Great job!!” Bria Martens

“Faith, We loved “The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood” show…. great job!! So many talented actors! So many great lines!” Lisa Giesbrecht

“Hello Faith & Chellé; I thought I would just tell you how valuable the Film & TV Orientation was on Monday night for us….when I got home I had a call from the casting agent for “Deck the Halls” ….and today Liam was an extra on the set! He also has to work tomorrow. I was able to feel very confident on the set and was able to pass on lots of information to Liam from what I had learned. He had a great time today (although I found it painfully boring!!). He really learned a lot and enjoyed the weekly Acting for Film & TV classes – thanks from me for making such a good, positive impression on our son. Regards,” Juliet Sullivan

“Nikki had a great time in “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” What a lucky kid!! Thank you soooo much for all the opportunities that you make available to the kids. With all your hard work and dedication – YOU are a STAR!!! Thank you” BJ Windrum

“The girls had an outstanding experience learning, rehearsing and performing in “The Fabulous Fable Factory.” They have really learned a lot, the training and orderliness of your classes is of high benefit to them (more so than the school plays they have been involved in). The discipline and training they have received from you definitely puts them at the head of the class.” Kathy D.

“Charity and Jewell have both loved the years they’ve been involved with Imagine That! Productions. They have had so many wonderful experiences with you and Chelle and have learned so much! They are definitely better actresses because they have been under your direction!! The girls are going to take this year off from Imagine That! in order to perform in “High School Musical” with their school. It is hard to think of not being involved at your studio in the fall! You are a blessing to us and we want to keep in touch and support you in any way we can. You are so good at what you do…you are an inspiration and encouragement to so many kids! We look forward to coming back again for the 2008-09 season!!” Rob & Anita

“Being part of Imagine That! is one of the proud medals that adorns my chest. Being in both “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” and “The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood” has been a highlight for me … and the summer Improv night was so much fun! HUZZAH! You are such a blessing. The way you and Chelle encourage and nurture performers is to be commended.” Bill Ashbee

“Hi Faith! Just wanted to say thank you for another wonderful season of drama for Noah. He THOROUGHLY enjoys it and can’t wait to go back. He can’t make it for the Summer Camp but is going to be 12 in October so should probably go into the “dramAtiX” class then. Thank you again for your mentoring and the wonderful inspiration that you are to the children. Noah has grown so much through your classes and developed such good confidence. That’s coming from a boy who said, “I am NOT going into drama. Why did you sign me up? I’m not going!” Now I can’t keep him away!” Sincerely, Charlene Brown

“I want to thank you so much for the encouragement and support you are giving our daughter, and for the wonderful opportunity you’ve given her to play in the big productions. Holly is always excited about drama and looks forward to it every week. What you’ve taught her is brought forward to her school productions, (and I must say, she gets very frustrated with how ‘unprofessional’ the school practices are!). Imagine That! Productions is a place where she shines! Thank you for believing in her! Karen G.

“Faith, I want to offer my congratulations to everyone at Imagine That! for the fantastic run of the Fabulous Fable Factory. It was a great show !! I was most impressed by the amount of cooperative effort demonstrated by all members on-stage, with those not ‘actively’ front and center in any one scene/fable still very much involved with helping to get props/costumes ready for their cast-mates. I am very happy that Aisley had such a satisfying experience, with both ‘the show’, and all of the new friends that she has made. The timeless lessons taught by Mr. and Mrs. Aesop, and the valuable skills (perseverance, confidence, and teamwork, to name a few) learned through the cooperative process of ‘the show’ will serve all of the actors well throughout their lives.” Best wishes, Kelly Trehearne

“Thanks for all your hard work Faith, with the cast of ‘The Fabulous Fable Factory’ … Rachel had a wonderful experience. Our family was at the Saturday afternoon performance and couldn’t stop talking about how funny the performance was! The humor was refreshing mixed with the deeper meanings.” Blessings, Barb Borthistle

“Faith I never got to speak to you after the show [Charlotte’s Web], but I really wanted to let you know how great the show was. I was so proud of Nalin (I know my bias is showing) as I thought he did an awesome job playing Wilbur. He really has learned so much from you in the last 2 years and he so enjoys going to the classes and enjoys working with you and all the rest of the class. So thanks and I look fwd to the next show.” Raykha Dhillon

“The [birthday party] girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves at “Charlotte’s Web” … kudos to you all … what a great entertaining evening!!! Kim Jackson

“We saw “Charlotte’s Web” again on Friday and were very impressed, particularly with Wilbur, he has come so far since the last show! Great expressiveness — but ALL the actors were very good indeed. See you soon, Ted Staunton

“We wanted to express to you what an enjoyable evening we had with our family when we came to see “Charlotte’s Web” last Saturday evening. We go to see a lot of live theatre in and around the Vancouver city and lower mainland and can honest say that the quality of disciplined and believable performance by youth is obvious with Imagine That! Productions shows (we came twice to see last year’s “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” – superb!). Keep us on your email list and we look forward to the rest of this season’s shows!” The Anderson family


Updated: June 2006

Thank You … Imagine – a wonderful place Where smiles, understanding and caring is shown on every face And you’re always given encouragement. Where giggles and laugher abound because jokes and good-natured teasing is always found there Where all criticism is meant to bring something magical and great for you That you never knew you had, but they always knew was there Where you are greeted with warmth that never ends You find everyone is a good friend with kindness to share Where you get to pour out the best of you Creating confidence that is new and makes you glow like never before Where everybody is there to watch and help you grow To let your inner strength show and shine, radiant and true Where – when it is time to leave a great sigh you must heave For you never want to leave it, or the people there That is what Imagine That! has been for me And I promise that you will see me here again next year.

Thank you for everything you have given to help us grow as actors and make this show (Sarah at Sea, April 2006) a great one. I really appreciate it! From C.K.

Thanks for making this play (“The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”) happen … I’ve had the time of my life … you are a wonderful, encouraging director … I learned so much, love Charity F. I feel like I have come so far as an actress because of your direction through the Wardrobe. Thank you, love Hayley G

Dear Faith & Chellé. I’ve totally grown and changed cause of my involvement with Imagine That! classes and The Lion, Witch, Wardrobe. The journey has been so much fun – but also very challenging. Your ability to teach, encourage, exhort and draw people out is amazing. Thank you for believing in all of us, Marie T

You have helped me find so much courage and strength to do what I love – to act! It has been so much fun and you’ve helped to make so many people’s dreams come true. Love from Jewell F.

Faith & Chellé … our fearless directors! You’ve instructed me in the ways of acting and for that you have my deepest thanks. Lion, Witch, Wardrobe must have been a difficult project, but you did a great job. Thank you, Matt G

Thank you for your Trust, Yukari K

You have given me and the rest of the cast so much in the past months of Lion, Witch and Wardrobe classes. You help keep us professional and always strive to bring out the best in us. It was an honor to have you as my director. Jessica O

Faith, you teach and direct with passion and enthusiasm and you excite and inspire the people around you. You make people want to succeed to do the best they can. You have made Narnia an amazing place. Thanks for letting me be a part of such a positive, fun and learning experience. Love Michelle R

Updated: June 2005

” Our children can’t wait for drama class each week. Not only have they learned about the craft of live theatre, but their experience with Imagine That! has helped them to be confident and creative public speakers. Their coach, Faith Toronchuk, knows how to bring out the best in my kids. ” Sandra Gorman, Homeschool parent Surrey, BC

” This class [Stage Antics] was so much fun. Faith is fabulous and she has taught us so much. I think that now I will have a better chance at becoming an actress! I rate this class 100% and I’m signing up for the Summer Drama Day Camp. Thanks ” Carlene C [10 yrs], Surrey, BC

” This [Stage Antics] is a great drama class. Faith did a good job teaching us. She makes it all so fun and never has a frown on her face! I’m glad I came and I’d rate this class more than excellent. Faith – you rock! ” Katya G [10 yrs], Surrey, BC


Updated: June 2004

” We wanted to let you know how much our 3 kids [ages 4, 7, 10] have really benefited from your coaching. You are very natural teachers. We like how you combine creativity, flexibility, laughter as well as firmness to optimize learning opportunities. We also appreciate the sensitivity you have shown in supporting Madison as well as Nathan’s shy side. The girls will definitely be back to your summer camp. Thank you for providing a fun, safe environment where our kids can explore their creative side. ” Alan and Mary Covey, Abbotsford, BC

” My [teen] daughter has been in various classes as well as two different plays put on by Imagine That! Productions in the last two years. Faith and her teaching staff are knowledgeable and make the learning experience fun for all their students. In the past I have been concerned about the questionable influences in the entertainment world, but knowing that Faith and her standards gives me confidence. Because my daughter is a fairly sensitive soul (as many artistic people are), I have also appreciated the warmth and acceptance the Imagine That! Productions staff show towards the students – with a focus on positives and praise to obtain results rather than harsher methods. It truly has been a safe and encouraging environment, and I have watched my daughter bloom in this area of her life. I highly recommend Imagine That! Productions. ” Theresa Ashe, White Rock, BC

” Not only have I admired your natural and loving abilities with our children; but I also enjoyed your wonderful production of “Little Women.” I would highly recommend you to Homeschool or any families who might like to introduce their children into the wonderful world of “the stage”. I especially want to thank you for the faith, kindness and encouragement you’ve shown to Madeleine. She has grown and changed so much from your loving influence. ” Very sincerely yours, Leslee Gawthrop , White Rock, BC

” I really enjoyed working with Imagine That! Productions in “Little Women.” It has taught me a lot about the theatre and I got to really feel what it is like on-stage. It was a great experience that I will always cherish, and I will always remember the awesome people I got to work with. ” ~ Brittany W. [16 yrs] Surrey, BC

” We can’t say enough wonderful things about Faith and Imagine That! Productions. My son [11 yrs old] has taken every class he could fit in and looked forward to and loved each one! As a home school parent I have always been impressed by the way the classes and productions are run. Aidan goes to them happy and comes home even more excited unable to wait for the next class! It has just been an amazing experience! Thanks! ” Tracey Gebert, Surrey, BC

” Definitely a satisfied customer!! Our girls, 8 and 14 yrs of age, say it’s the highlight of their week to go to drama. They tell us that Faith is the greatest drama teacher in the world!! She is fun, has fun games and they love the tongue twisters; she chooses great scripts with exciting story lines. As parents are so glad we signed up with Faith, we can totally relax knowing her high personal standards come across to the children as she teaches them to embrace their creative gifts. ” Sidney & Anna Pickard, parents, Surrey, BC ” Feeling So Blessed to be one of your students ” love Tikvah and Rebekah Pickard, Surrey, BC

” Greetings, Faith We wanted to add our appreciation and thanks for the play, ‘Little Women’ that you worked so hard to prepare for us. It was fun, well done and up-lifting; the story, the characters and the portrayal. When two active 8 year old boys can sit thru it all – quietly till the end , well that is an accomplishment!. And they liked the play too. This is a great way to build memories. Thanks for a ‘job’ well done!! ” Tom and Vicki Tweddell, Surrey, BC

” I enrolled my two children in “Imagine That! Productions” this January as they were just starting to get involved in auditions for television commercials and I wanted them to gain confidence and learn how to better use their creativity. I have a four-year-old daughter and a seven-year-old son. My daughter was living a “dual life” as she was a rambunctious and lively little girl at home, but in group situations such as at her pre-school and at her television auditions she was a quiet little “mouse”! All of my pre-school mom friends and the teachers have noticed her change over the last few months. It is now June and she is acting out all of her pre-school songs with words and actions at her school’s month end shows for parents, and last month she actually volunteered to take the lead role in her pre-school play! She now runs into her auditions at the studios in Vancouver and has had so many callbacks that it’s hard to keep track of which company she is auditioning for. She landed a role in a television commercial last month and has just landed another acting role in a commercial that is being filmed next week. My son has learned some great skills and creativity at “Imagine That! Productions” too. He loves going to his auditions now, and has had a lot of callbacks too. It has also been great for teaching him more self control and even better listening skills. I would like to thank my children’s teachers from the bottom of my heart for their love and dedication to my children over the last few months. The classes that they have taught have really made a difference in my children’s lives!! ” Thank You and Best Regards, Julia Mahler, Surrey, BC

“Working with ‘Imagine That! Productions’ has been an incredible experience for both my wife and I. Faith Toronchuk and her assistant directors are amazing at pulling out abilities that people in our acting group never knew they had. Working with ‘Imagine That!’ in the musical production Godspell helped me grow as a performer and some of the actors have gone on to do commercials. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in trying their hand at the fine arts.” Sincerely – Jeret Unger

November 2000

“Thank you for seeing this gem, for bringing it to life and for the great fun!” EC – actor: female 20 yrs “You inspired me and I am truly thankful that you valued me enough to cast me.” BK – actor: male 52 yrs “I am so grateful: you have helped me SEE, BREATHE, HEAR and FEEL.” KP – actor: female 36 yrs “Thank you for bringing out the best in me, for inspiring me to soar!” JU – actor: male 29 yrs “Thank you for a window – freedom to shine, to be real, to be truthful, to be loved!” CT – actor: female 33 yrs “You continue to demonstrate conviction and focus as you give your all to inspire excellence in our performance and as people.” SP – actor: male 41 yrs

“Thank you for letting me explore what is truly inside of me as an actor and a person. I now have a new respect for the stage and look forward to passing that knowledge onto my own students with the same loving heart.” VK – actor: male 25 yrs

“I had fun in acting class” Jaden D – student, actor: 8 yrs

“I learned a lot and it was fun” Emily G – student, actor: 10 yrs

“Thank you for teaching us about theatre” Sterling T – student, actor: 11 yrs

“Faith, you inspired me, I enjoy acting – thank you” Madison P – student, actor 12 yrs

“It [Godspell] was such a good production. Everybody sang really well, the band played like pros, the acting was delightful and the dancing was amazing. Once again, you took mostly ordinary folks way over their heads in terms of quality of production.” Richard C – theatre patron, musician

“I go to a lot of plays and this [Godspell] is one of the best productions I have seen in the lower mainland.” Mike M – theatre patron, writer

“I had the pleasure of going to “Godspell” with friends. We found it to be a strong and emotional performance, too strong for my 5-year-old child. I wanted her to have the experience of live theatre and a fun production but not frighten her. When I found out that you were doing a special [Saturday matinee] performance for the younger crowd that would be toned down, I was very happy that someone would have already thought of my child’s best interest. It is nice to see someone is still concerned with family values. Eileen G – Mother, Creative Players Children’s Rep.

“The 1999 Christmas Melodrama is a complete joy to watch. If, like me, you love the rhythm of a good Dr. Seuss book, you’ll love this play. The entire play is spoken in sometimes ear-groaning poetry that tickles your fancy while telling the Christmas story through the words of fairy-tale characters and a healthy dose of wild and wooly puppets. With simple sets and lots of witty asides to the audience, you’ll laugh out loud while watching this, the best of the oldest stories, told with humor and love for the gift of Christmas.” Irene DV – theatre patron, artist